Koheilan Jellaby Strain


In 1996 with lots of luck we had the opportunity to welcome the grey mare Bint Galia in foal to our stallion El Thay Thamam. The result was the a little filly named Tamria Bint Thamam, who still joins our group of mares. As well as the mares Al Ilaf Ghazal (Emiratus B x Bint Galia) and Al Ilaf Tifla (Emiratus B x Tamria Bint Thamam).




Bint Galia


Tamria Bint Thamam



Al Ilaf Ghazala


Al Ilaf Tifla



Al Ilaf Tajara




Abeyyah Om Jurays Strain


Mashoura Bint Moheba




Saqlawi Jidran Strain


Mouna Al Sham